Private training

Call on one of our coaches to help your team progress


It will do a full practice with your team according to your strengths and weaknesses. He will work with your team, directly on the rink, on the gaps you have identified within your roster. It will be a support & agrave group of coaches and lead interventions to maximize your team's progress. He will also communicate a lot with your coaching staff on strategies, exercises & agrave use and intervention techniques & agrave adopt. Your coaches will also have a lot of interactions & agrave do and our Assistant-Coach trainer will act as an accomplice in the development of your players.


For information, please contact us by phone at number: 1-888-866-7612 or by email at the following address:  

We will get back to you within 48 hours to formalize the location, date and time of the practice according to your availability and preferences.  


L'Assistant-Coach inc.